About Us

TV100 is a Hindi-language 24/7 news television channel, owned by Avanti Media Ltd. The channel is a free-to-air. The channel is available through cable platforms as well as online.

Tv100 is a channel primarily focused on the state of Uttarakhand and has been tirelessly working for the last 10 years for the general upliftment of the state and its denizens. It is focusing on the News, Current affairs of the state.

Healthcare Excellent Awards Uttarakhand

Tv100 present the Tv100 Healthcare Excellence Awards 2022-most authoritative awards for the hospital and healthcare industry of Uttarakhand.

The Hospital and Healthcare Awards will bring together the entire hospital & Health care community. With Leaders from private & government organizations, policymakers, representatives from the government & key people from sector affiliates, all assemble recognize & applaud the achievements of the best health care providers. The awards honor the leading healthcare practitioners and service providers, who are ushering in a new era of affordable, high quality, and inclusive healthcare for patients across Uttarakhand and India.


Tv100 is a free to air channel and Transmitting through Insert 4A at 83 degrees east in Mpeg 2 Mode.

Company Name Avanti Media Limited

Date of Incorporation 29/04/2003

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